(To a tune reminiscent of

“Hey Hey We’re the Monkees!”)


Here we sit

Animating scenes

Making crazy stuff happen

On our computer screens!


A hundred chickens productions

Our characters are drawn by hand!

We make shows for grownups

That toddlers understand!


Deep in the heart of Brooklyn

Our studio’s the best

We only work from home when we

Don’t feel like getting dressed!


A hundred chickens productions!

We work and work and never quit

We’re cutting edge and quirky

And age appropriate!

(modulate, repeat chorus)

We skype with folks in Toronto!

Crank out big spread sheets!

Crunch to make our deadlines!

Munch on homemade sweets!

(modulate, repeat chorus)

We have a super cool sound room!

Ergonomic chairs!

Our conference room is see-through

So we don’t have affairs!

(repeat, fade)

100 Chickens Productions!

100 Chickens Productions!